Maurizio Perabò tells his story


Maurizio Perabò tells ... begins the story of his life that at some point is intertwined with the passion for the vine; alive and strong passion that feeds our soul young and full of energy. At twenty he is impelled by the desire to pursue his passion, but does not know how to do! And 'difficult, not coming from a winemaking family. The road is uphill and the distant horizon, but the lure is strong, and that is that someone of his family captures the feeling of Maurice and ....... begins the story!

Maurizio says:

The telling of the story of my family of origin of in 1912, when my grandfather built the house that now houses the company. At the time he lived in peasant agriculture, vegetable, grains and fruits.

From the marriage with my grandmother were born four children and the only boy was my father; My grandfather died young and after his death the reins of the small peasant economy took my father to carry on what we started. We are in war, and my father led the family business by providing the livelihood of his sisters and trovatasi mother without a husband.

After marrying my mother, the company started to grow and become an economically more profitable with the help of my mom. They cultivated fruit, sold to the market and raised livestock. After some time they started buying some field of the earth, even to graze cattle, so the company and the family slowly grow. It was clear that my father had a big preference for raising cattle, not particularly fond of life and the world of wine; I was little but now I felt that instead of my vocation was the screw, and I sensed that my father would never have realized my dream, and perhaps would have remained just a dream.

We are in the mid-70s, when one of my uncles, (the husband of my father's sister) who lived before us, it was suggested to cultivate the vineyard since land he owned were particularly suited to wine production.

From this suggestion started the idea of ​​the production of wine from my uncle who has been purchasing the first barrels, wine making equipment to structure the cellar, and I always at the window watching and dreaming about my cellar. Waiting for someone to comprehend that my dream was to cultivate the vineyard in a territory, which is the Friuli, Prince in the production of wine, trying to find a solution, but did not know how to do, not even having the skills and studies to compare myself off from my family.

The years passed and my uncle understands that time I was interested in the wine world, I liked it, I had a passion! He decides to help me and lend me the money to be able to start my basement! A small cellar without many pretensions. It realizes a dream, working day and night industrious application and trying to learn everything necessary. My guide in those years was my uncle who also lends me the winemaking equipment and gives me some clients to let me know. I remember that in the '90s I started doing parties of the country with the kiosk to sell my wine and I asked help from my best man. For 10 years I spent the summers to sell the wine to the village festivals around the Friuli and was the best marketing in those days you could do it! The wine sold alone, and on certain occasions,

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The first year, 1984 put in the cellar 180 hectoliters of wine, the second 360 hectoliters, and within 10 years arrival to put in the cellar 1200 hectoliters of wine. I get to share 10 vintages, and while my wife Silvana meeting, Argentine origin, with a passion to my work and lives. Begin to take with me the wine business and in 1999 we take our first full-time worker. The company's volumes were rising and there was need help. I want to emphasize the importance of Silvana because today is an invaluable colleague and a patient's life partner and tireless, Silvana is a point of reference for all our customers.

In 2002 we assume Isabella, to manage the selling point of the cellar and a few years later the current winemaker Alessio, which manages the entire production in the vineyard and in the winery. Today both are part of the company, as are the other employees working for us for over 10 years and have helped make the efficient management of the company putting care, but above all passion. I have always considered the group I created together with Silvana as an extended family, where there may be disagreements, but always comes back after the peaceful!

We made our first label in 1992 and is indescribable feeling that you try to hold your first bottle that contains the set of all your sacrifices, fears, choices, expectations and expectations for the future, because the wine is flux, the wine is a vital element.

With the first bottle we proudly become "Winegrowers of Friuli". Now the company includes various product lines, and reached important horizons for us, territorial affirmation and appreciation.

I hope that it sent to the people we work with my passion for the vine! Feeling absolutely silent, patient love for the vineyard that is a school of virtue and gratitude for what nature can give and take away without being able to resist. The passion for wine has to be a positive element of contagion for all of us, like the peace that can give nature in the field in the evening, when dusk envelops the screws.

Today, this extended family founded over 33 vintages, has added a new family, composed of people who Silvana and I already consider friends and comrades willing. Today the winery "Perabò" is also Mary, her family and "Cà dei Faggi". With this re-union we broaden the horizon to give room for innovation, the principle of generational change. I think I have caught, like my uncle 33 years ago, the desire of the vineyard and the passion for wine of those people who appreciate and deeply respect the territory in which we work. The streets intersected with Mary's family and I are eager to move us along towards new stories of wine and life.

Our history is linked to the vineyard which is the school of life; it teaches you patience, trust on Mother Nature because nothing happens by chance, it teaches you to appreciate what the fickle is granted.

With passion
Maurizio Perabò